51 Essential Addiction & Self-Care Resources for Black Women

Understanding The Problem

Substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders are significant problems in the United States, but some populations are more affected than others.

Black women are more negatively impacted by addiction, and they suffer from addiction worse than other populations in the US. Currently, approximately 6.2% of African American women abuse illicit drugs, which is higher than the national average of 5.7%, and this number is only increasing. 

When it comes to substance abuse in black women, the populations that are most affected include women who are more vulnerable to incarceration, illness, poverty, and single motherhood. This may be due to several reasons, including a lack of study on the effects of drug use in black women, inherent racism and sexism in the world of psychological healthcare, and prejudice against black women and their needs in the United States. 

Because of the intense disparity in access to healthcare specifically for black women who are struggling with addiction, finding trustworthy resources is incredibly important. Below is a list of the top addiction and mental health resources that work to decrease this disparity and ensure that the women who need help receive it. 

Crisis Lines For Black Women

Addiction Resources for Black Women

  • Southeast Detox is one of the leading drug rehab centers in Georgia, featuring dual diagnosis residential treatment and medical detox programs.
  • SAMHSA provides a collection of journals and resources specific to informing about the epidemic of addiction against black women. This website offers a long list of resources such as initiatives by Historically Black Colleges and Universities specific to behavioral health concerns and needs. 
  • Recovery Dharma for BIPOC: Recovery Dharma can be helpful throughout the recovery process for black women who are in need of support during their sobriety. This website provides BIPOC-specific recovery dharma options. 
  • C4 Innovates put together an online resource that provides access to culturally responsive resources for black women in need of support. 
  • See Her Bloom: A California-based online resource helping increase access and awareness to black women in need of addiction treatment and support throughout their sobriety journey. 
  • IMANI Breakthrough Project provides substance abuse support and resources for black women.

Books For Black Women in Recovery

There is such a disparity in mental health and addiction representation of black women. These books are written by black women about their personal mental health and recovery stories. 

  • I’m Black and I’m Sober: The Timeless Journey of a Woman’s Journey Back to Sanity by Chaney Allen
  • Men We Reaped: A Memoir by Jesmyn Ward
  • Angel on My Shoulder: An Autobiography by Natalie Cole
  • Healing Neen: One Women’s Path to Salvation from Trauma and Addiction by Tonier Cane
  • From Recovery to Discovery: My Journey Through Addiction by Felicia Lee Sexton
  • From the Crack House to the White House: Turning Obstacles into Opportunities by Denise Stokes

Crisis Lines for Black Women

  • Crisis Text Line: Provides a quick and easy way to get help. All you have to do is text HOME to 741-741 and instantly be connected to crisis help.
  • BlackLine is a mental health crisis line through BEAM that provides a safe place for black women to seek companionship, peer support, and counseling about mental health and addiction wellness. Call 1-800-604-5841 to get help.
  • Women In Distress: 954-761-1133 is the Women In Distress crisis line for women seeking immediate help in crisis situations. 
  • Crisis Line for Racial Equality Support: Call 503-575-3764 to find support for black women in critical need of help.

Crisis Lines For Black Women

Mental Health Resources for Black Women

  • Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective is a national movement dedicated to changing the narrative about mental illness throughout the black community. Not only do they provide awareness about mental health in black women, but they offer a list of resources and support for black women to have easy access to.
  • Black Women’s Health Imperative: a non-profit organization that was founded in 1983 in order to provide education, research, and leadership opportunities. 
  • Black Girls Smile is a non-profit seeking to increase access to mental wellness for all black women who may be struggling with any variety of mental health conditions. 
  • Pretty Brown Girl is a mental health collective that provides a safe space for black women to find self-acceptance through social, emotional, and intellectual well-being.
  • Mental Health America has a long list of national resources specific to black and african american mental healthcare. This organization is incredibly trustworthy and can help connect anyone in need to effective care. 
  • Sisters in Support Together Against Substances (SISTAS) is an alcohol abuse prevention program designed for black women who need support for alcoholism. 
  • The Women’s Center has curated a list of mental health resources specific to black women. They offer information about black-owned and supported organizations, podcasts, apps, and articles that include black women in the conversation of mental wellness. 
  • The Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness is a non-profit organization that is committed to providing access to body-mind-spirit wellness for black women. 
  • The Black Girl’s Guide to Healing Emotional Wounds: A curated website that offers support to black women through several avenues. Black women have access to a community of other women who are able to support one another through mental and emotional wellness. 
  • Black Mental Health Alliance works to increase access to culturally-relevant resources for black women in need of mental health help.
  • Therapy For Black Girls: An organization working to break the stigma of mental healthcare for black women. This program provides access to mental health programs and reliable therapists that specialize in helping black girls and women who are struggling with mental illness or addiction. 
  • Anxious Black Girls is an organization providing support and care to black women struggling with mental health difficulties. 
  • Academics for Black Survival and Wellness is a group of counselors and psychologists who specialize in treating the needs of black women. 
  • Black Female Therapists: This is a nationwide directory of black female therapists. You are able to enter your location and find a black therapist closest to you who is able to address your specific mental healthcare needs. 
  • Healing Black Women offers a safe space for black women seeking mental healthcare and wellness.
  • Melanin and Mental Health: a mental health resource for black women. This website allows access to finding a therapist best fit for meeting your needs.

Healthcare Resources for Black Women

  • Black Health Matters is an online collection of information about healthcare, nutrition, wellness, and beauty specifically curated for black women and men. The goal of this website is to provide awareness through a positive light.
  • Center For Black Women’s Wellness: A resource that provides access to physical, mental, emotional, and financial help for black women.
  • Black Women for Wellness is a non-profit organization that started in 1994. This program provides access to resources for nutrition, disease prevention, reproductive rights, emotional wellness, and so much more. 
  • African American Wellness Project seeks to decrease the gap in black health disparities currently seen in the US.

Mental Health Resources For Black Women

Support Groups for Black Women

Podcasts for Black Women

When it comes to feeling supported in your recovery, especially as a black woman, finding people similar to you can help get rid of the loneliness that often accompanies addiction and mental illness. Below is a list of podcasts that are run by black women and provide a community of people of color in healing.