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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an evidence-based psychotherapy that helps individuals understand how their thoughts affect their behaviors.

While participating in CBT, patients learn to identify and reframe self-defeating thoughts. This shift in thinking frequently results in more meaningful relationships and decreased addictive tendencies.

cognitive behavioral therapy at Southeast Detox

How Does CBT Work?

CBT is generally a short-term treatment that occurs over multiple sessions for about 60 minutes. On average, patients participate in 5-20 sessions to maximize results; however, your therapist will tailor your sessions based on your unique situation and goals.

During a CBT session, your therapist will begin by asking about your past, history of addictive tendencies, symptoms, challenges, and concerns. Through these questions, you’ll be able to identify problematic thoughts and behaviors and learn how to change them. Your therapist may also suggest various tools or techniques for you to practice, such as journaling, enjoyable activity scheduling, stress reduction methods, and more.

What Conditions can CBT Help With?

CBT is considered a low-risk and safe type of therapy that is valuable as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with other therapies in treating a variety of disorders such as:
At Southeast Detox, we often encourage our patients to participate in CBT in conjunction with other treatment methods as, for many, therapy alone is not the most effective treatment option.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Substance Use Disorders

Our professional therapists frequently employ CBT to help individuals with substance abuse disorders replace negative, irrational beliefs and behaviors that influence addictive behaviors. Doing so allows the individual to develop more effective coping mechanisms instead of using drugs or alcohol.

This type of therapy for addiction treatment can help increase treatment compliance with aftercare treatment programs and reduce the impact of triggers like stress, anxiety, and depression, which frequently contribute to relapse.

Benefits of CBT

The goal of CBT is to teach patients to control their inner world while embracing positive beliefs and behaviors. Some of the benefits include:
When you are able to become aware of self-destructing thoughts, you are able to respond to challenging situations more clearly and effectively.

Finding Support that Meets Your Needs​

At Southeast Detox, we believe in implementing a combination of therapies based on an individual’s unique needs. After a thorough assessment, our addiction specialists can determine if CBT is the right treatment method for you.

To learn more about CBT or other therapies offered at Southeast Detox that may help you on your healing journey, reach out to us at (706) 873-9955.

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